Farm pick up now available on Saturdays from 11-1!!!

Order online from the 'shop local' tab above. Choose # of oysters, choose the Saturday for pick up and pay online.  Bring a cooler between 11 am and 1 pm on Saturdays and grab your tasty, briny morsels! Purchase shucking knives and tee shirts for pick up too! 

Order by midnight Friday to secure order. Extras available on site while supplies last.

Fox Point Oysters is operated out of Little Bay, NH and Dover, NH. This small, local farm raises fresh, delicious NH oysters in a careful, eco-friendly manner that adds value to the surrounding environment. With care comes the most delicious oysters around! A unique mix of tidal waters from the Atlantic, paired with fresh water from fresh water rivers creates a unique flavor profile. 

Each oyster has a deep cup with a plump, meaty and smooth texture which delivers a briny gulp with a hint of sweetness and a clean finish.

From the Bay to your belly, Fox Point delivers the best!

During these uncertain times, when you can't buy Fox Point Oysters from your local restaurants, you can still buy them from me direct! The growing season has just begun and harvesting and sales are just beginning on selected dates and times.  I will be offering a pic-up day at the farm parking lot on the southwest side of the Scammell Bridge in Durham, NH and a delivery option as well!  You will be able to pay online or in person.

Check back soon or sign up below to receive an email update.  Check out Fox Point Oysters on Facebook and Instagram.


Fox Point Oysters is owned and operated out of Little Bay, NH and Dover, NH. 

Search this site to learn about Fox Point Oysters and to buy NH oysters.