The Fox Point Oysters 2020 harvesting season has come to a close. Check back next Spring for local wholesale and retail options. Until then.....


Thank you to all my amazing and kind customers who supported this business and purchased oysters and merchandise during this crazy covid time.  I appreciate your willingness to learn to shuck.  Not so hard, right?!

Merchandise is available anytime. GIFT CERTIFICATES now available on the 'shop local' page above.

And check out FPO on the Today Show!  woo hoo!

Great project in partnership with The Nature Conservancy,

PEW Charitable Trust and your local oyster farmers!

Fox Point Oysters is operated out of Little Bay, NH and Dover, NH. This small, local farm raises fresh, delicious NH oysters in a careful, eco-friendly manner that adds value to the surrounding environment. With care comes the most delicious oysters around! A unique mix of tidal waters from the Atlantic, paired with fresh water from the rivers that meet the bay, creates a unique flavor profile. 

Each oyster has a deep cup with a plump, meaty and smooth texture which delivers a briny gulp with a hint of sweetness and a clean finish.

From the Bay to your belly, Fox Point delivers the best!

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Fox Point Oysters is owned and operated out of Little Bay, NH and Dover, NH. 

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