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The Farm


Fox Point Oysters is a small, 2 acre farm established in 2012. It is located in Little Bay, which is part of the Great Bay estuary in New Hampshire. The farm is run by Laura Brown. This small, local farm raises fresh, delicious NH oysters in a careful, eco-friendly manner that adds value to the surrounding environment. With care comes the most delicious oysters around! A unique mix of tidal waters from the Atlantic, paired with fresh water from the rivers that meet the bay, creates a unique flavor profile. 

Each oyster has a deep cup with a plump, meaty and smooth texture which delivers a briny gulp with a hint of sweetness and a clean finish.


In nature, oysters are often found clustered together in reefs. These reefs form when oysters spawn and create larvae which often attach to the shells of older oysters. On the farm, however, baby oysters are purchased from a local hatchery and placed in specialized in-water gear to help protect them from natural predators and to keep them organized.


We don't need to feed the oysters! They feed naturally and organically by filtering phytoplankton and other nutrients out of the water. Each oyster filters between 15 and 50 gallons a day.  The filtering process not only allows oysters to eat, it also helps clean the water, helping other species and plant life thrive. 


Throughout the growing season, the oysters are cleaned, sorted, and gently tumbled. This process creates a strong, deep cup and keeps the oysters from attaching to one another, allowing us to select individual oysters as each reaches the perfect size for consuming.


It takes 24 - 36 months, or two to three growing seasons, for the oysters to reach harvesting size. Once they do,

we select the best, and ship them with care in refrigerated units to local retailers, wholesalers, and neighbors.



Farming Practice


As the popularity of oysters rise, I know that consumers and restaurants want to purchase the best quality oysters. Fox Point Oysters hold itself to high standards and does everything possible to raise healthy, delicious oysters. 


Fox Point Oysters believes in eco-friendly farming and cares deeply for the environment. We follow strict Best Management Practices and a Code of Practice put forth by the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association (ECSGA).  The Best Management Practices ensure that we operate our farm in a safe, environmentally friendly and neighborly way with proper authority and care.  


Fox Point Oysters also works closely with the NH Fish & Game Department, NH Department of Health and Human Services and the NH Department of Environmental Services.  The harvesting and transportation of shellfish for human consumption must come from clean water and be carefully monitored to meet strict public health criteria, which is regulated by these departments.   


As stewards to the Bay, Fox Point Oysters takes the raising and harvesting of oysters very seriously.  We are passionate advocates for clean water, and continually monitor and record daily growing conditions in order to raise the healthiest oysters possible!

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