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Great Bay, NH, Little Bay, NH, Oysters in Little Bay, NH, oyster farming in NH

Good for you, good for the bay 



New Hampshire’s Great Bay consists of over 10,000 plus acres of open waters and wetlands that provide habitat for a multitude of plant and animal life. At Fox Point farm, we respect this beautiful resource and work hard to make sure that the oysters do their bit to keep the Bay clean and thriving.



The “ecosystem services” provided by oysters play a large and essential role in maintaining water quality.  Shellfish aquaculture is among the most environmentally positive uses of the coastal zone.  In order to operate a farm we must first obtain a license  from the NH Department of Fish and Game, and demonstrate that our farming practices have no adverse impact to the bay.  And it does, in fact, have a positive one.  



Just as the oyster's filtering process helps cleans the bay, the in-water-gear used for farming provides habitat for a myriad of organisms that would not otherwise utilize the area.  We do not feed the oysters therefore don't add anything into the environment. The oysters also reproduce each year sending out millions of larvae that could help increase the oyster population in the bay.  


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