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About the Farmer


My name is Laura Brown. I am the owner and operator of Fox Point Oysters. 

I was born and raised in New Hampshire and left home to pursue a life in the arts. After earning my master’s degree in Fine Arts in sculpture and glass, I traveled throughout the country studying art and creating sculpture for gallery shows and commissions. I assisted artists with their sculptural and glass blown work, and taught in colleges and art schools. In 2004, I settled in Seattle, Washington, surrounded by a talented community of working artists who inspired my imagination, curiosity and creativity.


For years I immersed myself in the fast-paced, artist’s lifestyle. I have a passion for building and creating and fell in love with teaching.  As time passed, my life changed and I changed.  I missed family, the east coast and was looking to live a healthier lifestyle. I became interested in oyster farming when my sister, a marine biologist, offered to help me start an oyster farm. This was a big life transition for me, and an exciting one!  The prospect of coming ‘home’, working in the bay and raising oysters was alluring.


In 2011, I started working with a small batch of oysters, learning how to care for them and how to work in and with the bay. I was soon convinced this was the new life I was looking for. I could be outdoors, surrounded by beautiful water, raising organic, sustainable, healthy food.

Since then I have learned so much!  Each year brings changing weather conditions and new experiences.  I continually modify farming practices and oyster care to raise the healthiest most beautiful and delicious oysters I can.  I began harvesting and selling in 2015 and continue to love what I do.  Truly!  And each season I can't wait to get back in the water.

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