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Where do I get Fox Point Oysters?

You can pick up fresh, Fox point Oysters directly from FPO's 'off the farm' sales Saturdays 10-1 at the Scammell Bridge parking lot in Durham starting May 7, 2022 for a special Mother's Day sale.  Then on Saturdays in July through September or while supplies last. Please visit the Shop to see pick up dates that are updated throughout the season, and to order online. You can choose 'pay now' or 'pay a pick up'.

I also sell to some great restaurant, wholesale and retail locations.  Visit the Find Oysters page to learn more.

Can I purchase pre-shucked oysters?

Shucked oysters for direct consumption by Fox point Oysters can be purchased at events only.  A separate license and retail-type establishment is required to shuck, package and sell.  That's what restaurants are for. Thank you restaurants.

How do I know if you will be at the Saturday sales at the farm parking lot on a particular day?

Subscribe to the mailing list by signing up on the footer of each page of the website.  I will send approximately one email per week with updates of changes. Or visit the Events Page.

How long do oysters last?

When purchasing directly from me, you will be receiving chilled oysters below 45 degrees. Oysters are fine to keep in a bag for the 20 minute car ride home. Any longer, bring a cooler with ice.  Once oysters are cooled down, keep them that way.  Put them in your fridge (which is around 42-45 degrees F) on plate or bowl away from hot things. Do not wash before storing and do not let them sit in standing water. Oyster can easily last one week if cared for properly.

Why are oysters best freshly shucked?

Fox Point Oysters are harvested the day of the sale when possible. When freshly shucked, they contain fresh liquor from the bay.  Yum. After a few days they begin to reabsorb their juices and less liquor is present. Same great taste, maybe a slightly different texture.

How do I know I am getting a 'good' oyster?

Ask the farmer or retailer when it was harvested. Look for oysters with a thick, tightly closed shell.  Open shells indicate a dead oyster.  I gently scrub my oysters before harvest so they aren't muddy.  

Can I eat oysters any time of the year?

Fox Point Oysters harvests during the spring, summer and fall.  We usually run out of harvest size oysters by then.  But you can eat oysters anytime.

In the past it was a good idea to purchased oysters only during the months with an 'R' in them.  This is no longer the case as cultivation and farming methods have changed.  In New England, the months of May, June, July and August (months without 'R') are the hotter months and oysters sitting in the sun can be problematic but not a problem if you purchase from FPO as oysters are kept under water.  Oysters also spawn in warmer months and send out larvae which can help replenish natural oyster beds.  The oysters may be a bit thinner after spawning but they remain healthy and delicious! And they take a snooze in the winter because there is less food in the water. This will keep them from growing, but they can still be eaten. 

How do I shuck an oyster?

Check out the Oyster Care and Shucking page. Or stop by the farm parking lot 'off the farm' sales and I will demonstrate for you.

Can I harvest my own oysters?

You can harvest your own oysters during a Farm Tour of Fox Point Oysters. Or visit the Events calendar for the Tour Tuesday (and some Sundays) schedule of times during July and August.  Contact Laura if you are interested in a different date. You can also get a recreational license to harvest shellfish on select days and times in wild growing oyster areas only, through the NH Fish and Game website.

For additional questions and information, please Contact Laura, owner of Fox Point Oysters, anytime.


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