LITTLE BAY Is open for harvest!!! Next sale date: Friday, JULY 17 adn Saturday July 18.


And each Friday and Saturday after that!


Pick-up location: parking lot on southwest side of Scammell Bridge, Durham, NH Pick up a dozen (or more) delicious Fox Point Oysters during select harvest times. Oysters are $1.50 each or $18/dozen. Order and pay online with cc, or order online to reserve your oysters for the selected Saturday pick up time and choose 'Venmo or cash at pick up' when you check out (please bring exact change). Order by midnignt Thursday (fior Friday sale) or midnight Friday (for Saturday sale) to secure your order. Limited number of extras available on site while supplies last.


Need to pick up on a special day? Please contact Laura first, then choose 'special pick up' option once confirmed. Bring a cooler with ice. Questions? Call or text Laura at 217-714-1195 or email laura@foxpointoysters.com More pick up and delivery options added throughout the season.

Pick up date
  • Oyster care and handling

    Fox Point Oysters follows strict policies when handling oysters.  Oysters are a live food and should be treated carefully by the customer from point of sale through the shucking, cooking and consuming processes.  Keep oysters adequately iced, our of standing water and never eat an oyster that is found open or has a bad odor.


  • In case of Bay closure

    At times, the bay will be closed for harvesting.  If this falls on or around your pick up day, I may not be able to harvest. I will contact you and refund your money, carry it over until the next sale, or arrange a new pick up time for when the bay reopens.

    Please check your email before pick up. I will only email you if there is a problem.

    For further explanation of closures: Click on 'About', 'Oysters' on the website menu and scroll down.

Fox Point Oysters is owned and operated out of Little Bay, NH and Dover, NH. 

Search this site to learn about Fox Point Oysters and to buy NH oysters.  

                        laura@foxpointoysters.com                  217-714-1195