The Oysters


Appearance: A khaki-white droplet with a hearty shell and a deep cup.


Flavor Profile: A briny, meaty morsel with a hint of fruit, and a clean finish!


Sizes Available:   'Selects' - a mature, 3" oyster. 

                                 'Petits' - a slightly more delicate, 2.5" oyster.


Species: The Atlantic Oyster or Crassostrea virginica


Fox Point Oysters takes pride in raising healthy oysters that are perfect for serving on the half shell or shucking for inclusion in your favorite recipe. At harvest, I hand-select oysters with sturdy shells and deep cups, then hand scrub them before delivery.


Much like a fine wine, the merroir (seafood equivalent of terroir), or characteristics of a place, directly affect the flavor of the oysters. The oysters are not fed, making them a truly organic food. They eat what nature provides.  Great Bay’s mix of tidal water from the Atlantic ocean and freshwater from the Bellamy, Oyster, Lamprey, Squamscott and Winnicut rivers creates ideal conditions for growing oysters that are slightly sweet with a dash of the sea.  


In addition to being delicious, oysters are high in protein and rich in iron, vitamin B12 and other minerals.

Inside Fox Point Oyster's teardrop shell lies a treat worth serving up at your next meal.


Click HERE for oyster nutrition facts:

Fox Point Oysters is owned and operated out of Little Bay, NH and Dover, NH. 

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